A storm is coming to Earth. This world is going to go through a crisis of very great severity, which will cause great suffering and hardship, because of financial crisis, and war. Here is what I am allowed to reveal:

• Economic crisis - some countries may even collapse due to inflation.

• America will survive - but we will have lower living standards and high interest rates. [Which will cause suffering for those who are in debt.]

• WWIII - possibly with China and Iran, [God has not given details.]

• God said that a comet is coming towards Earth and it will be within our lifetimes. God's actual words were deadly quiet; "It will come. It will come."

• The sign for serious trouble to begin, is at that time in which there shall be a very serious crisis in both the far East and the Middle East at the same time; a serious crisis such as war.

• A saint told me that gold, silver and gems will be safe to own. (Note - it is hard to change gems and gold bars into cash quickly. Gold and silver coins are much more practical, because, in a dire crisis, coins can be spent if all else fails. Also, precious metals are a good safe haven from high interest rates and high inflation.)

However, I am NOT a financial advisor. I am only repeating what saints who can see the future have said. People should always check with one or more financial advisors before making big changes to their financial situation. Be careful!