God Exists


GOD is Supreme I should probably explain a few things about myself, and the reasons that I have gone to the expense, the work, and the very real suffering, to make this website available. (Note - the force of evil, a.k.a. the devil, has fought this work, and fought against me from the beginning.)

This site exists to tell the good children of God, some of the basic facts that I have discovered about God and Christ. At first, I felt that creating this site was sort of an idealistic obligation. Now, I see it as a duty. Because of the attacks of the devil and his "little boys", (i.e., evil men), the idealism has been replaced by a grim determination to serve God, and also to hurt the devil, by telling good souls some of the truths that have been given to me by God and Christ. I hope that the information on this website may be helpful to good souls in drawing even closer to the source of all truth, God, and Christ. Please understand that I am obligated to tell the truth and I may not cover up unpleasant or unpopular facts. I will get into trouble with God if I hide unpopular truth to avoid upsetting you. God will hold me accountable. A few basics to start with:

1. Yes, God exists, I have seen him.

2. Yes, Jesus Christ exists, I have seen him.

3. Alas, the devil exists, I have seen him.

4. I have seen a departed soul in a, "Heaven" of Light and Joy, and I have seen materialistic souls surrounded by darkness.

5. The miracles described here are all true, I am the witness. (These miracles represent only a fraction of the miracles that God has given me to witness.)

6. Just as God has given me miracles, God has also let the devil attack me since I was 11 months old. (It began with the devil enraging my "dear-old-dad" so that he beat me. My Mom said that he hit me for 5 weeks, until work apparently caused him to have a new schedule. My Mom left him a few months later and they were divorced. She said she used to stay up rocking me so that I would not disturb him, to try to keep him from flying into another rage at me.)

7. Because of this (Which was only the beginning of a life of attacks by the devil, and his evil little boys,) it is fair to say that I am angry with God for permitting these ongoing evil assaults. (God described the power of the evil attack that is directed at me as being, "very great.")

8. God has said that He is not offended by my anger because He knows that I am suffering. However, while it is true that I am angry with God for letting the devil and his evil human helpers attack 24/7, it is also true that I HATE evil. (The devil knows this, and the attacks of evil, that began when I was a baby, prove that the devil has marked me from birth, as an enemy.) I hate the devil and his evil, and I hope that by trying to warn good souls that evil exists, those good souls will try even harder to avoid evil and return to God, ASAP! My goal with this website is to serve God by sharing some of the miracles that God has given me to witness, with good souls.

A witness named, Eric

P.S. There will always be those self-righteous, fault-finders who are sure that they know better and that they can do better. To the inevitable critics, I would say, "Please, be my guest, go ahead and tell God you can do better."