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God is allowing the devil to attack me.

"Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe." — John 4:48

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."
— Isaiah 45:7

Many Christians think that God "changed" with the coming of Jesus. God is God! The Old Testament God is the SAME God as the New Testament God. God is eternal. God never ever "changes." In Isaiah 45:7, God tells the truth about Himself. He honestly "comes clean" about Himself, and what He created. It is this simple honesty, that I value and respect. God is Truth. In Isaiah 45:7 God reveals a great truth.

If you disapprove of my attitude, or way of handling these issues, then I dare you, I DARE YOU to ask God to allow you to experience the attacks of the devil for a month.
After a month, you will change your tune.
— Eric

God and these miracles are real. Also the attacks of the devil, the antichrist, and his helpers are real. If I am killed, you can be 100% sure that it was ordered by the antichrist.

This site is really for God and you. It is dedicated to providing you with evidence about the Supreme Reality -- and, the Ultimate Mystery -- that we call God.
The purpose here is to share with you the evidence of some of the miracles
that God gave to me.

Please Don't Commit Suicide. Please do NOT do something that will cause you to suffer even more!

Parents Beware of the Choking Game. Please be on the look out for kids playing this dangerous game.

Eyewitness testimony about three crosses in the sky. (The Second Cross was in the sky over Assisi, Italy. The Third Cross was the "Tau Cross" of St. Francis, which appeared over a spiritual retreat in America, and was seen by two witnesses.)

About Healing Prayers: A Healing Prayer List is a list of names that are prayed for regularly by the congregation of a church. Check with your church or congregation to learn more if you are unsure if this is available to you. It is vital for parents to understand the value of prayers, and to put the names of their children, their families, and themselves on the best Healing Prayer List that they can find. Remember to ask if their names need to be sent in periodically in order to stay current.

A discussion about the Christmas Star that the wise men followed. It is the "star of the East," the "single eye," also known as the "spiritual eye." Jesus talks about the single eye in St. Luke 11:34, and Matthew 6:22. Also in Revelation 22:16, Jesus said that He is, "...the bright and morning star."

A discussion about the "Word" mentioned in the Gospel of St. John 1:1 - 2. Also, the "Amen" that Jesus spoke about in Revelation 3:14, and the Sanskrit word "Aum" from India.

A discussion about the missing years of Jesus. There is reportedly evidence that He went to India to return the visit of the wise men.

A discussion about the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D., and how that fulfills the prophesy made by Jesus. This proves that the Gospels were written before 70 A.D., by eyewitnesses who actually knew Jesus in person.

For God and You.

My role here is only to serve as the witness who testifies about what God has given. If you focus on the messenger, then you are not focusing on the miracles of God and Christ. The truth is that: you don't get Something from nothing. The Something is Spirit. The Supreme Being that we call God.

Please don't kill yourself!

Suicide is not an end to suffering; it only makes things worse. And it hurts your loved ones terribly. If you feel suicidal then PLEASE seek help! There are so many places to go for help: doctors, clergy, and counselors are all ready help you. Crisis help lines are also available.

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God Said "Paint!" To Me

On my website for Christ, there is only a pencil sketch of Christ. Why is there "only" a pencil drawing of the head of Christ? Because God won't SO FAR protect me so that I can do the full portrait of Christ in oil paint. When will God give me the true protection from the devil and return to me the art that God took away from me? (By covering it up with the sea of suffering when I said, "Thy Will be done" to God. God said He would NOT take my art away but God covered it up so I can't reach it ). I want to do the art for God where is God's help and protection?"

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