This site is dedicated to that ultimate Reality that we call God. The information about these Miracles is not an attempt to evangelize because that is not my job.

A miracle is the operation of a higher law of God. Miracles are given to encourage us - they are not ends in and of themselves. Miracles help us to understand that God is real; that God is the ultimate Reality.

Many people believe that God's blessings can only happen to perfect people. However, there are abundant testimonies over time of God utilizing imperfect people. If God's blessings can only happen to 'perfect people' then most of us will not experience blessings or miracles. Fortunately, because God is willing to reach down to one imperfect person, there is hope for everyone. If God is willing to respond to me, then God is willing to respond to you as well.

Some good people do believe in God, without ever seeing a miracle, and others may never believe - even if they were to see miracles everyday. Because we are influenced by this materialistic age, many of us deserve Christ's gentle comment, "Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe." - John 4:48

Our 'modern' culture of instant satisfaction makes us impatient. Unfortunately for us, the path to God takes time and patience. A lifetime of loyalty and devotion is the proof of love that shows God that we are sincere. It is not easy. It is not instant. God is waiting for us to choose to seek God through our own God given free will.

It maybe that these Miracles were intended by God as a gift of reassurance to the faithful followers of Christ; as a sign that their faith in God is not misplaced, that God is real; and that God loves us.

This site is offered in service to the work of God.

The Miracles described here really did happen to me. You are welcome to believe me - or not - just as you please.

These Miracles were a very great blessing. It is also true that these Miracles were completely unexpected and wonderful far beyond any words of mine to describe. The Miracles have created in me the certainty that God the Father, The Christ, and The Holy Spirit, are united in the final Reality of the Absolute One Eternal Spirit.

I believe that these Miracles are intended by God as a reassurance for Christians that their faith in God is justified. Experiences like these Miracles also have the beneficial effect of destroying doubt. If a doubt comes along, all one needs to do, is to say, " What about the time that God did this Sign, or, what about the time that God worked that Miracle?" - and the doubt dies instantly.

For those people of faith who are trying to decide whether to believe me, here are a few points to consider:

• I have no profit motives.
• I am not accepting donations.
• I am not asking you to join anything.
• I am not selling pictures of the Miracles.
• I am not creating a church or organization.

This effort of mine was made to give testimony of God's miracles. That is the purpose behind my time and energy in creating this site. You can have no idea how much suffering the creation of this site has cost me in attacks by the devil who fights everything I do to serve God. Your prayers are welcome.

For the first 20 years, (from 1979 - 1999), I thought that the first Cross was a gift to me, and to me alone. Perhaps that was selfish, nevertheless I felt a reluctance to share it, and with the exception of a very few souls - including my Mother and my Grandmother - I kept it locked in my heart. Only when I came to understand that God wanted it to be known, did I resolve to share it with more people, and, without the help of God, I would have given up trying to share this.

A few weeks after I had made that resolve, and had taken practical steps to begin the artwork, I made a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy. Shortly after arriving there, I witnessed a second Cross in the clouds. It was enormous and appeared to be very close. The second Cross was a revalidation of God's approval, support, and encouragement of this project. It is doubtful that the second Cross would have appeared if I had not previously resolved to share the first Cross.

In the spring of 2001, as I continued my work, a third Cross appeared in the sky at sunset, while I was talking with a friend of good character. Together we witnessed a Tau Cross appear in the sky over a spiritual retreat.

Nevertheless the skeptics might still not accept it, thus validating the aphorism that; 'For those who believe - no proof is necessary...for those who don't - no proof is possible.' And that's fine. It doesn't matter if others believe me, because their belief, or lack thereof, affects them and has no effect on what I experienced.

God wants our love

God wants our love very desperately. However, God wants our love to be given freely, without any prompting. If it were possible to show the entire world some form of undeniable proof of God's existence, then everyone would have to believe, and free will would no longer be a factor.

By forcing people to believe, God would become a dictator. And in the same instant God would no longer have our freely given love, but our obedience through obligation.

This is why God has hidden behind the seemingly solid veil of matter. However, God has done such an excellent job of hiding, that, if no clue were ever offered pertaining to the existence of a spiritual Reality, then, it is unlikely that anyone would ever make the effort to seek the invisible Spirit. So God does sometimes send us messages. People are then free to accept or reject it as they deem fit, according to their God given free will.

I believe that God reaches out to us in these ways to show us that we don't have to be rich, or powerful, or a perfected saint to get a response from God. There is a saying, that, 'if we reach up to God with one hand; God reaches down to us with both hands'. The sincere soul will - sooner or later - get some special personal sign that God is appreciative of their persistent spiritual seeking - so don't ever give up your efforts to reach the Divine Goal!