This website is dedicated to God, and only to God, because God made the Miracles, and because without God's constant help and encouragement I would have taken the knowledge of God's Miracles with me to the grave.

1. Am I starting an organization, or, am I a spokesperson representing any specific organization?


2. Am I a leader of a religious affiliation or a philosophical group?


3. Am I seeking financial contributions or donations?


4. What do I say to those who disbelieve my testimony?

I realize that some may find any excuse to disbelieve. It is also, for many, difficult to have faith in God. I believe God is Truth and God is the ultimate Good.

The miraculous Crosses that I am describing actually appeared in the sky. I am telling the truth; these Miracles really happened. This information is offered for your consideration. You may accept it, or not.

5. What of those who can't believe because they lack faith?

The inability to have faith is indeed sad. The gift of faith in God is a Grace. Some people have it, and some have yet to open themselves to receive it.

There is a saying; ' For those who believe, no proof is necessary; for those who don't believe, no proof is possible.'

6. What happens if my testimony of the miracles of the crosses is not believed by others?

What I am required to do, is to describe - as well as I am able - what I witnessed. People are entitled to choose whether, and what, to believe. Logical results follow inevitably from what we accept as good and true. It is, however, one of the greatest tragedies that people doubt God's existence, or God's ability to work miracles. God loves us, and longs for our love to be freely given in return. And we will never be happy until we respond to God's love.

So it is up to each of us to decide whether we will choose God. God is waiting for us to choose to return out of our own love. When we do, God guides us to the right path for our spiritual development. It is true that; 'God chooses those who choose God.'

7. What is the purpose of these Crosses in the sky?

To me these Miracles felt like a reassurance of the Supreme Reality of God and Christ. For twenty years I thought that the first Cross was intended as a gift for me alone. Since then I have come to believe that these three Crosses are intended by God as a reassurance or, to inspire faith and belief. However, the ultimate reassurance is found in the actual experience of God.

8. How do I see my role?

My work is simply to make art, and to tell - as well as I can - about some of the Miracles that have happened to me. That is the purpose of this website. And No, this website is not about selling my art or any economic agenda. The sad fact is that God has made it almost impossible for me to do art for years now.

9. What is the message?

The Crosses did not come neatly packaged with subtitles. I think that these Miracles were given as a sign of God's presence, and as a reassurance of God's love.

10. How may we know that these Crosses are of God?

These Miracles are of God, because they testify to God's existence.

11. Why does God select ordinary men and women to bring spiritual testimony?

If God only worked miracles for the rich and powerful, then, all of us who are not rich and powerful would feel no hope of getting God's attention and help. If God only worked miracles for very Holy people, then all the rest of us would despair of ever meriting God's favor.

While God can never be put into any limited equation, we can identify some of God's tendencies from history:

A. God often selects those who are not known - in the eyes of the world - to perform some service.

B. Although they often suffer negative assault, God also sends divine help as well as help from God's loyal servants.

C. For those who serve Him, God sometimes brings true testimonies to encourage the seeker. Some people may find this hard to accept.

12. Who did these Miracles?

God did ! Of that, I have no doubt at all. I was merely a witness! It was a great blessing to be allowed to see wonders that I never dreamed I would ever witness. The Truth is that God really does exist, and that God can, and does, work miracles. And, although it sounds incredible, God actually does love us more than we can possibly imagine.

13. Has the age of miracles ended with the advent of modern science?

No, obviously not. In many ways our need for spiritual reassurance is now greater than ever. Modern materialism has no power to nurture the soul. And Christ is still working miracles in our, "modern" world.

14. Why don't I evangelize?

It is true that God can and does call certain persons to evangelize. And evangelization may be perfect for them, but not for me. Being good at evangelizing requires a personality that enjoys the public arena as well as a gift for speaking to an audience - I lack both of these elements.

I am just a person - not a saint - or any sort of preacher. And unless God commands me, I will not give an interview or speak publicly.

15. Why tell people?

Because God wants it known. I can only surmise that in God's plan; people have a need to know about what I saw in the sky, so that they can decide for themselves. Knowledge of these Miracles may be of help and reassurance to many sincere souls - regardless of religious denomination.

16. How do I know that God wants these Miracles to become known?

Because, in 1999, while on a spiritual retreat, I asked God, how I could best be of service to God's work on earth, and God said, "Paint." It seemed then, and still rings true, that the command referred to sharing some of the Miracles that I have been blessed with over the years.

Of course, I can still paint secular pictures, too. But it did not seem plausible to me that God would go to all this trouble just to tell me to paint butterflies - beautiful though they are. Moreover, as I took steps to implement this plan, I was blessed to witness the second Cross that appeared over Assisi, Italy. (This happened shortly after I had arrived to begin work on the first Cross.) It was a revalidation, and it probably would not have happened, without my decision to serve God by sharing the first Cross. The final confirmation was the third Cross that was also seen by a friend.

17. Where did these Miracles occur?

These Crosses appeared in the sky - obviously, and the sky is available to all - very egalitarian Miracles.

As far as the first Cross is concerned, the precise spot on earth where I happened to be is of no importance at all. The place where I was located is on private property, and it is not a Holy site. After all, the Miracles of the Crosses occurred in the sky!

The first Cross is to me - among other things - a manifestation of the truth that God comes to find us wherever we happen to be, scattered over the face of the earth. The sky is available to us all, wherever we may be.

The second Cross did appear at a Sacred site. It appeared in the sky over Assisi, Italy, during a pilgrimage there to begin work on the first Cross. The third Cross also manifested in the clouds over a Holy place. It appeared over a spiritual retreat where a friend was a co-witness.

18. Why did God use you as a witness?

Why God used me to give testimony to these miracles in the sky is something I still don't understand.

19. What are my thoughts on the occurrence of these miracles?

I really don't know what God's plan is - except for four points:

I. It is clear that God wants this known.
II. Understanding of these Miracles will grow.
III. Those who are in tune with Christ will understand.
IV. Some will contemplate miracles.

20. Do I have a favorite Holy Bible?

Each person chooses the Bible that is right for him or her. My most favorite Holy Bible is the, Authorized King James Version, [ AKJV ] from, 1611.

21. Why?

Because it is very beautifully written, and because - although, all things copied by human hands will eventually include errors - the AKJV is very accurate in some very important passages, such as: Matthew 6:22 and Luke 11:34. And - to the best of my knowledge - it is only in the AKJV that these verses from the Gospels are accurately translated into English from the original texts that were written in Greek.

It is highly significant that both Luke and Matthew considered these words of Jesus so vital, that they both included His words, virtually verbatim; for example, Matthew 6:22 says:

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

The original Greek states, "eye," and not, 'eyes,' as so many modern translators restate it. And, the original Greek uses the word, "single," and not the modern replacements that so many translations use as an 'improvement.' Even books that purport to translate the original languages word for word by showing parallel translations have made this mistake. In one such book, I discovered this error by comparing their original Greek text and their English text - word by word - to a Greek / English dictionary, and I found that the translators had substituted key words in English while at the same time printing the correct words in Greek. And, no, I don't think that this was any sort of a conspiracy to fool innocent people. I think they had simply changed the English meaning of the original text of Luke 11:34, and Matthew 6:22, so that it made sense to their limited understanding - because much of what Christ said has been misunderstood. In fact, he told his disciples that he spoke in parables so that, they, his disciples would understand, while the merely curious crowd of onlookers would not.

So you can see that no translation is perfect. If you don't want to struggle with the letter-by-letter deciphering of the original Greek - and it is not much fun - then I suggest getting a very good and very complete Bible Concordance that translates every single word of the original Bible text from the Authorized King James Version. Then you can see for yourself what was really said. [ I use the STRONG'S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE of the BIBLE. Please see the book list for more information. ]

It is also worth noting that even the AKJV changes some of Christ's words. For example; in the AKJV New Testament, Jesus often begins important statements with the words, "Verily, I say unto you...." - and sometimes, He repeats the word, "Verily" for emphasis. However, in the original text, the actual word used by Jesus was, "Amen." Therefore, the text should read, for example: "Amen, I say unto you...." or, "Amen, Amen, I say unto you...." So you can see that even the Authorized King James Version isn't perfect. However, it is still more accurate than most other modern translations.

I think the original translators of the AKJV were true believers - and as such, were simply afraid to alter the original text - so they got it mostly right; even though they may not have understood all of the esoteric meanings that it contains. And where they did make mistakes, those mistakes were honest errors made by sincere believers who were trying to do their best for God.

It is sad but true that few modern scholars regard the Holy Bible as the Holy Book of God. As a result, they feel free to 'improve' upon the original text of the Holy Bible, so that it comports with their understanding, which is naturally limited by their experience, or lack thereof. That is not wise.

Unfortunately, many modern scholars tend to look at the Holy Bible as ancient literature, or merely a collection of archaic mythologies, instead of as a historical document of Truth. Therefore, it is highly significant that a stone with an ancient inscription - that dates to within one century of King David's life - and referring to King David with the words, "House of David," was recently discovered at an archeological site called, Tel Dan, in Israel. This is important because it confirms the historical accuracy of the Biblical account. It is also very interesting, because some so called 'experts' had been saying that King David was only a mythic figure that had no historical reality, and once again, the 'experts' that spread doubt about the veracity of the historical record contained in the Holy Scriptures have been proven to be wrong!

22. People may want to write - why no correspondence?

God has not ordained me to minister or give counsel; I was told that correspondence would take away from my ability to do my real work for God. That is why I have supplied this text in the hope of answering most of the questions that sincere souls may have about these Miracles.

Those Christians who want spiritual counseling should seek out qualified counselors such as ministers and priests.

23. Do I have any kind of special prayer service?

Your prayers and my prayers are equally powerful. We are divine children of God. I am NOT ALLOWED to give out the phone number or fax number or e-mail address for any Prayer List. A Saint said I could not give out any information about my church. I'm sorry, the fact is that I am not a spokesperson and I may not speak for any Church. It is good for you to get yourself on a prayer list. And if you have any spare time, I would be grateful for any little prayer you would care to offer on my behalf. Thank you!