Important Issues

What follows is a short, and hopefully, informative spiritual perspective on Important Issues.

This section will grow from time to time. The first issue is abortion. Those in favor of legal abortion prefer to use the term "the right to choose." And, they also try to avoid any mention of the FACT that the unborn baby is human. (I don't know the last time that a human mother gave birth to a turnip or a shark.) Those who oppose abortion are called, "Right to Life," [as opposed to, "the right to death", which would be the pro-abortion position.] It is interesting and very revealing that the killing of a baby in the womb is now called a "choice." It is a child! It is not a "choice," it is human!

The pro abortion faction says that a woman can choose to "end" a pregnancy because "it" is her body. Wrong! That is a classic, evil lie! "It" is the human baby's body. The baby is NOT a tumor or an appendix. It is a seperate, but completely dependent life, that is living within the woman's body. For example: you have a perfect right to swing your fist around. However, your right to swing your fist ends before your fist touches another person. (Unless you are defending yourself from attack-obviously.) Now, will the pro-abortion faction claim that the presence of an unborn child in the womb constitutes an attack? Will they claim that the presence of an unplanned human child is an 'attack' that justifies the use of lethal force against the unborn 'attacker'? So far Americans have found it 'necessary' to 'defend' against the 'attacks' of about 60 million unborn babies, by the legal use of Lethal Force: Abortion: About the "right to choose"; The "choice" is made whenever a woman chooses to have sex. (Obviously, rape is not a choice!)

With the decision to have sexual intercourse (i.e., normal sex) a woman and her man have chosen to face the possiblity that a pregnancy may be the result of their free choice to have consentual sex. Every choice we make has a result. We live in a cause and effect universe. Pregnancy is the result of a cause: sex. If we choose to have sex, we must face the fact that we have initiated the chain of events that may result in a baby in the womb. The desire to have an abortion on demand, as a right, is the desire to be free from all responsibility for our actions. So far, about 60 million babies have paid the price of dying for their parents' convenience. (It is estimated that the Soviet socialists in Russia killed 60 million people.) Is it a "coincedence" that: the socialists in Russia murdered 60 million, men, women, and children; and that the socialists in America have murdered 60 million babies? The socialists in China murdered an estimated 80 million Chinese and about 5 million people in Tibet, at least. The National Socialists in Germany (the Nazis) murdered an estimated 12 million men, women and children in the Holocaust. The Socialists in Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) have murdered perhaps 5 million people, or more. No one, but God, knows how many people have been murdered by the Socialists in North Korea. Question: Why do Socialists want to murder men, women and children? (children, outside and inside the womb.)


The way to make a positve and lasting change, is to use peaceful methods. The saints have said that any change that is brought about by violence Will Not Last!

By Living a truly spiritual life, people will naturally select those leaders who are spiritually inclined, who will tend to work in harmony with God's Divine Plan. Only when the majority of the people truly turn to God - permanently - will things start to improve on Earth. Until then, this world will go on being shaken. That is the word from the true Saints who Know God.