This work is dedicated to God. It is my desire to attempt to serve God by helping others to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Once, when God had put me into a state of Grace, I was given a glimpse of a soul that had recently left this world. I saw a man's soul permeated with overwhelming joy and surrounded by dazzling lights. On another occasion, I saw a woman's soul. She had died while she was intoxicated and she was trapped in a place of darkness, however the final journey of the soul was not revealed to me.

These experiences, as well as others, have helped me to understand that this world is not the ultimate reality. This world is merely a school. The ultimate Reality is Spirit. The truth is that the only attainment that is able to give unending happiness is the state of being eternally united with God.

Years ago I made God a promise that if I got the chance I would try to help others avoid pain. If this information helps even one person, then it is well worthwhile. Making mistakes leads to much suffering for the self and for others:

1. If you are having suicidal thoughts -

Seek help! Reach out!

Please don't kill yourself!

Suicide is not an end to suffering; it only makes things worse. And it hurts your loved ones terribly. If you feel suicidal then PLEASE seek help! There are so many places to go for help: doctors, clergy, and counselors are all ready help you. Crisis help lines are also available. Please do not commit suicide because I have been told by Saints who are also Monastics, that you will as a result go to Hell, and that will only increase your suffering. Parents who have lost children to suicide should pray for them very hard and ask others like clergy to also pray for them.

2. If you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy -

please seek counseling.

Also, talk to women who have been through this. Making irrevocable decisions for you and your baby is a difficult experience.

If you are considering having an abortion, then please, at least talk to women who have been through it, before you make an irrevocable decision to end your baby's life. I do not want you to have to feel that sorrow, too.

For those who know, first hand, the sad truth of these words, you can begin to heal by doing three things for the rest of your life:

First, seek God with all your heart; second, pray for the Soul of your baby everyday; third, help to raise at least one child with all the love you have.

Please note - I do not believe that all people are in the financial, emotional, or spiritual situation or circumstance that would permit them to take on the obligation of raising a child. But all people, male or female, could have the goal of contributing significantly to at least one child.

Gradually, with time, you will find peace and healing.

A few facts for you to consider:

It is the testimony of saints, and the experience of spiritually sensitive women, that there is a flash of spiritual light at the instant of conception. It is in this light that the soul of the child reaches the mother and enters the fertilized egg; therefore, the presence of a soul means that the baby is fully human at the moment of conception. However, whether she sees that light or not, every mother feels the love from the soul of her child. (This is why expectant mothers seem to glow. This is also one explanation for postpartum blues. In addition to hormonal and chemical changes, one explanation for postpartum blues is that the soul of the baby is no longer located right under mother's heart.)

It is unfortunate that our society has not given mothers the full honor that they deserve. However, you may be sure that God loves and values mothers; Motherhood is Sacred.

The choice of adoption over abortion

Finally, there are countless families just waiting for the opportunity to adopt a baby. Why not give yourself a chance to feel Joy? Why not give your baby a chance at life? Why not give another family the gift of the soul you have carried to birth?

3. Please don't commit murder.

The terrorists are also committing mass murder. Terrorists actually imagine that they are going to be welcomed into Paradise for these monstrous murders. They are in for a very nasty surprise! Moreover, the mindset of the terrorists does not reflect the consciousness of the serious spiritual student who has studied Islamic truths. And it is important to remember that not all terrorists are tied to the Muslim tradition. Extremists can occur under any religious banner.

Please note - For those good souls who are grieving over the loss of friends and family from terrorist attacks, or from war, or violent crimes, you should know two things:

1. Your loved ones are not lost to you forever - you will meet again - it is a fact that Heaven really does exist.
2. The terrorists will not escape the Justice of God.

So be comforted; the innocent really do rise to a place of joy and light that we call Heaven. Don't let the injustices destroy your inner peace because, even if the legal authorities of this world fail to catch a criminal, the evildoer does not escape justice. No one ever escapes Divine Justice. God really does exist, and God does, in Truth, know everything.

A word of warning to us all:
This information is offered to all tolerant and open-minded people of faith. Although I was born a Christian, I have come to appreciate the fact that very Holy people are to be found in every faith.

If we want to please Christ, then we cannot hate people of other religions. Hatred and divisiveness are not of God.

If anyone hates another because that person is of a different religion, then you may be sure that the hater is inspired by ignorance or evil, because hatred is not part of God's nature. God's nature is pure Love and Joy. God is the only source of love, peace, joy and bliss.